• Air date: 06 Sep '19 13 episodes
      A team of young superheroes led by Nightwing (formerly Batman's first Robin) form to combat evil and other perils.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Trigon

      06 Sep '19
      The season premiere continues the apocalyptic events of last season as Trigon sets out to win the Titans over to his side by embracing their inner darkness.
    • 2. Rose

      13 Sep '19
      While Dick trains the next generation of Titans, Donna and Kory track down a rogue metahuman. But an old threat drives the Titans – old and new – back together.
    • 3. Ghosts

      20 Sep '19
      The old Titans reluctantly return to Titans Tower to strategize against an old enemy. But the secrets of the Titans’ past threaten to tear apart this newly formed team from within.
    • 4. Aqualad

      27 Sep '19
      Four years ago, Dick, Donna, Hank & Dawn formed the Titans with Garth aka Aqualad. But the team is tested with the arrival of a new villain.
    • 5. Deathstroke

      04 Oct '19
      With the team in upheaval, the Titans do everything in their power to save Jason’s life. But when Deathstroke demands they turn over Rose, the dilemma threatens to tear the team apart.
    • 6. Conner

      11 Oct '19
      Conner Kent and Krypto escape from Cadmus Labs. His search for the truth about his past leads him to Lionel Luthor and genetic scientist Dr. Eve Watson.
    • 7. Bruce Wayne

      18 Oct '19
      With tensions running high at Titans Tower, Kory tries to learn more about Conner, while Dick sets out alone to track down Deathstroke – with a familiar voice haunting him.
    • 8. Jericho

      25 Oct '19
      Dick befriends Jericho Wilson to learn more about Deathstroke.
    • 9. Atonement

      01 Nov '19
      In the aftermath of his confession, Dick’s fear that his secret would break up the Titans comes true. Abandoning Titans Tower, the heroes all go their separate ways.
    • 10. Fallen

      08 Nov '19
      Titans Tower comes under attack by Mercy Graves.
    • 11. E.L._.O.

      15 Nov '19
      With Dick still in prison and Gar under the microscope at Cadmus, the remaining Titans are called together to save their teammates.
    • 12. Faux Hawk

      22 Nov '19
      Hank finds himself at a new low, cage-fighting for money, when he finds an imposter now acting as Hawk.
    • 13. Nightwing

      29 Nov '19
      The Titans battle Deathstroke & more in the season finale.