• Early 20th-century adventurers find themselves fighting for survival after their hot-air balloon crashes into a remote part of the Amazon, stranding them on a prehistoric plateau.
  • List of Episodes (22)
    • 1. The Journey Begins

      A band of adventures sets off to prove the existence of dinosaurs deep in the forest of the Amazon. After an unfortunate accident leaves them stranded, they must put their trust in a jungle girl to save them from the dangerous predators on the plateau.
    • 2. Stranded

      03 Apr '99
      Marguerite makes a deal with a local chieftain to get off the Plateau. The deal is to hand over Veronica to the chief for marriage, something she wants no part of. Like all such schemes, things don't work out as planned and the team must fight a variety of threats in order to save the chiefs daughter, Veronica's virtue, and their own necks.
    • 3. More Than Human

      02 Oct '99
      Roxton is looking for the materials for a crossbow to bag a T-Rex, but when one actually interupts him in his labors, he runs in the direction opposite his fellow travelers to keep them safe. He winds up falling into a hole that suddenly opens up. When the rest of the group search for him, they also fall into the hole, which turns out to be a whirlpool. It sucks them all under the water, and they emerge in a lake. They quickly find out that in this part of the plateau, the dominant species are l
    • 4. Nectar

      09 Oct '99
      Veronica and Summerlee are out gathering fruit and floral specimens when they are attacked by a huge bee, one the size of a man. Summerlee is stung, and it leaves him near death. The only cure is the nectar in the heart of the hive. Veronica, Malone and Roxton travel to the hive, leaving Challenger and Marguerite behind at the treehouse to care for Summerlee. Summerlee is delirious with fever, and imagines Marguerite is his long-dead wife. She plays along, to sooth him. In the meantime, Veronica
    • 5. Cave of Fear

      16 Oct '99
      Challenger, Malone and Veronica are searching for sulfur, in order to make more gunpowder, when they walk into a burial ground. They are attacked by warriors in black and white paint who capture Challenger. That night the group sneaks into the warriors' village...to find Challenger sitting quietly and drinking tea with a beautiful blonde woman named Cassandra. She and her husband had been part of an early expedition, also stranded and found by the warriors tribe twelve years ago; they were soon
    • 6. Salvation

      23 Oct '99
      In this episode, Challenger, Summerlee and Veronica save a little girl from drowning and Summerlee has to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Tolmac, of the Christec people, brands Summerlee a witch for bringing the girl ""back to life."" The Christecs have mingled the Catholic and Aztec religions, with a touch of Conquistador Inquisition, to form their theocracy. Veronica gets away to summon help from the others, but Challenger has to act as Summerlee's lawyer ~ if found guilty, both men wil
    • 7. Blood Lust

      30 Oct '99
      While wandering the plateau, Roxton is attacked by a young man, who bites him during the struggle. Roxton's infected with a disease whose symtoms are slightly bizarre ~ intense craving for blood, pain when exposed to sunlight, a powerful feeling of kinship with nature and ""creatures of the night"" - he is as a vampire. He runs mad and into the gothic mansion of Calista, a beautiful woman with the same disease. Back at the treehouse, a young native man, Niko, comes forward, declaring his love fo
    • 8. Out of Time

      06 Nov '99
      Roxton, Marguerite and Malone are mapping a series of caves, trying to find one that leads off the plateau without much luck. Marguerite, all the while, has been gathering gleaming gemstones in her backpack. At least she will not go back empty handed. A fog begins to fill the air around them...dense...deep fog. From out of the mist forms take shape: cloaked figures and eerie rock formations, encircling a stone slab. They find themselves surrounded by Druid-like figures who swarm over Marguerite.
    • 9. Paradise Found

      13 Nov '99
      The aged guide who brought Veronica's parents to the Lost World dies in Challenger and Veronica's arms, humming ""Ode to Joy,"" leading the explorers to seek out a hidden paradise, where Veronica suspects her parents might be.
    • 10. The Beast Within

      20 Nov '99
      While out in the jungle, Malone is hit in the neck with a poisoned dart and dies. A shaman, Lento, heals him and Malone is brought back to life, but Lento has been driven mad. He is sentenced to die by his village, but Malone rescues him. Summerlee is kept captive and will die unless Malone, Roxton and Challenger can bring Lento back. Lento leads them a merry chase, having booby-trapped the jungle, but the men do eventually catch up to him , and he is killed. In the meantime, back at the treehou
    • 11. Creatures of the Dark

      27 Nov '99
      Tracking a stream, Challenger, Veronica, Malone and Marguerite run into a group of Vantu headhunters. There is nowhere to run or hide, except in what looks like an overgrown cave opening. They dash into it only to discover it is man-made, an old, crumbling mine shaft. There's a loud rumbling that leads to a cave-in. Veronica escapes, but the others are trapped inside. Near death from suffocation, they are saved by Garza, part of a group banished to the mine by a plague-like disease, and led by a
    • 12. Tribute

      15 Jan '00
      Roxton saves Tayra of the Tinta people from a Hikari warrior who is chasing her. The two men fight and the Hikari man is killed. Roxton discovers that the Tintas live in fear of the fierce Hikari, and pay them a tribute to ensure the Hikari leave them in peace and protect them from other dangers. The Tinta are very peaceful, a fishing and gathering tribe, and do not know how to fight, but are determined to stop the tribute practice, but freedom may come at a high price. Roxton and Veronica teach
    • 13. Absolute Power

      22 Jan '00
      When he finds a powerful crystal, Professor George Challenger gains the powers of a God, putting himself and the other explorers in great danger.
    • 14. Camelot

      29 Jan '00
      Marguerite is the future Queen of Camelot as far as a boy King is concerned, but the explorers and Marguerite, as well as the King's crafty advisor don't agree.
    • 15. Unnatural Selection

      05 Feb '00
      Challenger, Roxton, and Veronica come upon an old friend of Challengers, who resembles the sadistic ""creator"" Dr. Moreau. Elsewhere, Summerlee, Malone, and Marguerite meet an elderly woman who has a radio headset.
    • 16. Time After Time

      12 Feb '00
      Though the explorers find a gateway that can transport them back home, following them are enemies: one who doesn't want them to return, and one who does but wants them to bring a deadly virus with them.
    • 17. Prodigal Father

      19 Feb '00
      Veronica thinks she has found her father, but instead she has found an imitator, with deceit in mind.
    • 18. Birthright

      26 Feb '00
      Deep in the jungle, Marguerite, Challenger and Malone come upon a half-buried, mummified corpse. They are shocked when it shows signs of life. They learn the would-be corpse, Ramses, is Egyptian royalty. He weaves a tale about a wonderful kingdom with untold riches and how he was to become king. He then enlists our heroes in a plan to reclaim the throne he says has been stolen from him by his sister, Nefertiti. After agreeing to help, the three discover there is more to the dispute than Ramses i
    • 19. Resurrection

      04 Mar '00
      After days of searching the mountains for a pass off the plateau, Roxton and Marguerite are camped for the night when they are taken by surprise by Norse warriors. Roxton is run through with a sword by the leader, Ursula. As he sinks to his knees, Marguerite is hauled off by the raiders. Near death, Roxton is visited by a mystical young boy named Osric, who offers a deal. Osric will restore Roxton's life so he can save Marguerite. However, there is a catch. Roxton agrees to the deal and Margueri
    • 20. The Chosen One

      22 Apr '00
      Teenage Gideon and his mentor Davos are on a mission to fulfill the boy's destiny of leading his tribe of Moya out of the bondage of the evil Goths. Roxton and Marguerite come upon them, just as Davos is fatally wounded in a Goth attack. Before he dies, Davos charges Roxton with ensuring Gideon and the ""Star of Hope"" quarterstaff he carries, reach their destination. What they discover is that Gideon has been taken from his parents as a child, raised by monks, and chosen to lead his people from
    • 21. Prophecy

      13 May '00
      When the explorers rescue a fortune teller from her runaway horses, she tells them their future, which begins to come true little by little, but in a different way than they expect.
    • 22. Barbarians at the Gate

      20 May '00
      The explorers are caught in the middle of a war between Tribue, with gunpowder in toe, and Drakul and his barbaric raiders. One of them will be lost, possibly forever, when this battle reaches its cliffhanger!