• Air date: 08 Aug '21 10 episodes
      In this sequel to The L Word, Beals, Moennig and Hailey will resume their original roles alongside a new generation of diverse, self-possessed LGBTQIA characters experiencing love, heartbreak, sex, setbacks and success in L.A.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. Late to the Party

      08 Aug '21
      Bette is forced to navigate some major changes. Shane gets pulled into LA's poker scene as Alice and Nat readjust to couple-hood. Sophie, Dani and Finley all must deal with the fallout of Sophie's decision. Micah navigates his new normal.
    • 2. Lean On Me

      15 Aug '21
      Bette takes huge strides at her new job as Shane vies to get Tess on board with a new idea for the bar. Alice suspects Nat is hiding something from her. Meanwhile, Sophie, Dani and Finley are all left to deal with the fallout of a shocking event as Micah grapples with the true nature of his relationship with José.
    • 3. Luck Be a Lady

      22 Aug '21
      Bette’s passion is ignited at work while Angie receives some big news that complicates things at home. Shane and Tess’s business venture doesn’t go as planned and Alice resists facing the truth of her situation with Nat. Meanwhile, Finley, Sophie and Dani all struggle to adjust to their new normal as Micah leans on Maribel for support when he starts a new job.
    • 4. Lake House

      29 Aug '21
      Bette goes on a mission to find and win over revered artist Pippa Pascal as Angie learns more about her donor. Shane’s relationship with Tess continues to deepen; Alice is pushed by Tom to get in touch with her emotions. Meanwhile, Sophie, Finley and Micah are all affected by the way Dani chooses to deal with the fallout of Rodolfo’s actions.
    • 5. Lobsters, Too

      05 Sep '21
      Bette, Tina and Carrie are all forced together to support Angie. Shane is shocked when someone from her past re-enters her life. Alice and Tom question what they are to each other now that her book is finished. Meanwhile, Dani pushes Rodolfo to come clean with her; Sophie’s new assignment at work allows her to see her relationships in a different light; Finley must face some harsh truths in her personal life; and Micah’s friendship with Maribel continues to evolve.
    • 6. Love Shack

      13 Sep '21
      During an explosive karaoke night at Dana’s, Bette is pushed to be honest about what she really wants, Shane deals with the fallout from an ex’s visit and Alice confronts her true feelings for Tom. Meanwhile, everything left unsaid among Sophie, Dani and Finley threatens to finally come out and Micah struggles to figure out where he stands with Maribel.
    • 7. Light

      20 Sep '21
      Bette takes a big swing with Pippa, Shane leans on Tess when she’s suddenly forced to harbor a secret, and Alice’s run-in with someone from her past throws her for a loop. Meanwhile, Dani must examine what’s holding her back in her personal life as Sophie is pushed to question Finley’s maturity and Angie worries that things have taken a turn between her and Jordi.
    • 8. Launch Party

      27 Sep '21
      A fallout occurs between Bette and Dani. Shane confronts her feelings for Dani.
    • 9. Last Dance

      04 Oct '21
      Tensions rise between Bette, Tina and Angie on the day Angie’s set to meet her donor; Shane struggles with a secret. Alice questions how open she should be about her personal life during her press tour. Meanwhile, Sophie is forced to confront some harsh realities about Finley. Dani’s personal and professional life are both thrown into further turmoil by what’s happening at Nùñez Inc. Micah navigates his changing relationship with Maribel during a visit with her family.
    • 10. Last Call

      11 Oct '21
      Bette is forced to make a huge decision as Tina and Carrie’s wedding quickly approaches; Shane and Tess reach a crossroad in their relationship; and the release of Alice’s book has a ripple effect on her personal life. Meanwhile, things between Sophie and Finley reach a potential breaking point; Dani finally has to decide once and for all whether to defend her father; and Angie grapples with the outcome of what happened with her donor.