• Season 5 streaming now!
      Air date: 02 Jul '20 6 episodes
      From the makers of MEN THE REAL VICTIMS, comes a new tale of husband wife banter! Is it the BETTER half, or the BITTER half?
      The Better Half season 5 has 6 episodes. It is a drama web-series starring Mohit Hussein, Chhavi Mittal and Sukant Goel. It is created by MOHIT HUSSEIN. Season 5 for The Better Half aired on 02 Jul '20 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • Rishi watches Rohini getting exhausted doing the domestic chores and decides to give her rest now that he is back. Do things go as he has planned? Watch this hilarious episode to find out!.PATI KI RESPONSIBILITIES – E2
    • Have you ever tried to list your wife’s weaknesses? Rishi gets caught in his own web and has to attempt this precarious task. Watch how things turn out!.BIWI KI WEAKNESSES – E3
    • A bond between a brother and sister is the best. Anybody who has a sibling would vouch for that. This Rakshabandhan watch what ensues between Rohini and her brother Kunal when he gives her a surprise on Rakshabandhan. The sibling fights, sibling rivalry and how the husband Rishi becomes a mode of communication between the two is hilarious! .RAKSHABANDHAN KA SURPRISE – E4
    • How does one celebrate a birthday during this lockdown? And how does one celebrate it when it is as special as the very first birthday! It’s little Jahaan’s first birthday and Rohini is really excited about it. However she is not being able to go all out because of the risks involved with letting people inside the house due to the pandemic. Will she be able to do something special for the little boy? Watch to see the magic unveil in the new episode of The Better Half!.JADU KI JHAPPI – E5
    • Have you been working from home? Have the lines between personal and professional lives been blurred? It is pretty much the same for Rishi and Rohini as well. Watch this hilarious video by Shitty Ideas Trending to know what they do to salvage this unique yet common to all problem. Will they manage to salvage it?.WORK FROM HOME KE SIDE EFFECTS – E6