• Air date: 11 Jul '19 16 episodes
      From the makers of MEN THE REAL VICTIMS, comes a new tale of husband wife banter! Is it the BETTER half, or the BITTER half?
      The Better Half season 4 has 16 episodes. It is a drama web-series starring Mohit Hussein, Chhavi Mittal and Sukant Goel. It is created by MOHIT HUSSEIN. Season 4 for The Better Half aired on 11 Jul '19 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
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    • #Parenting.The much awaited THE BETTER HALF returns with season 4, and with the season launch we see Rishi & Rohini’s adorable little baby, Jahaan! But while Rishi & Rohini love their son, like any other new parents, they have no idea what to do when the baby cries! Some guesswork, some trial & error, and some help from the so-called expert Baby, their maid, mark the beginning of this new chapter in their lives. Watch episode 1, presented by Shitty Ideas Trending & The Moms Co:
    • Everyone hears about what a mother goes through after getting pregnant and after having a baby. But there are so many emotions that a father goes through as well. The sense of responsibility, love, care, and the sheer feeling of being a father to a tiny being! Watch Rishi’s journey of accepting fatherhood in The better Half-S4E2,.BAAP KI BAAPTA
    • A mother finds new respect when a daughter herself becomes a mother. Watch how Rohini’s mother proves this to Rohini in her own special way, while Baby adds her gyaan to the equation..THE TIMETABLE
    • Ever since Rishi and Rohini became parents, their building friends have been asking them for a party. But is it really important for new parents to throw a party taking out time from their freshly busy life? Watch how Rohini takes immense pressure and Rishi triers to dissuade her from doing so. Will they have a party? Watch to find out!.IZZAT KA SAWAAL HAI
    • Ever experienced your wife behaving really erratic? Happy now, sad the next minute? Chirpy now, angry the next minute? Some such thing is happening with Rohini. But the brunt of her mood swings is being born by her husband Rishi and their domestic help, Baby. What could be the cause of this and will Rishi be able to find a solution to the problem? Watch to find out!.BIWI KE MOOD SWINGS
    • 6. SIT

      17 Oct '19
      Every woman deserves a day off from all roles. After all, being a mother is by far the toughest job in the world. Right? So the adorable husband Rishi decides to give Rohini a day off owing to her increasing stress levels and her decreasing patience levels. Watch what Rohini chooses to do on her day off!.BIWI’S DAY OFF
    • 7. SIT

      31 Oct '19
      We all have arguments with our fathers every now and then. Mostly they happen because of a difference of opinion or ideology. Watch how Rohini’s brother Kunal, and father Mr.Prem Chopra have an argument which lasts pretty long for everyone’s comfort. There is hope when Rishi offers to intervene with regards to his new and improved relationship with him. Will he be able to make them see common ground?.BAAP, BAAP HOTA HAI
    • Rohini’s mom’s diamond earrings go missing from the house and the whole staff comes under suspicion. Papa calls a private investigator, who widens the suspicion circle by including the family members in it! Who stole the earrings? Watch to find out..THE INVESTIGATION
    • 9. SIT

      05 Dec '19
      Rohini’s mom’s diamond earrings go missing from the house and the whole staff comes under suspicion. Papa calls a private investigator, who narrows it down to Baby, the most trusted. Did she really do it? Watch to find out..THE INVESTIGATION-Part 2
    • Comes the new year and with it come the new year resolutions. This year, wife Rohini has decided to set resolutions for both herself and her husband Rishi. Watch this hilarious turn of events with this preposterous plan!.NEW YEAR RESOLUTION LIST
    • Somehow people love to judge a new mother. Sometimes they cannot control it, and other times they feel they know better. But they never think of the impact it creates on the mother. Watch this video where Rohini gets baffled with the judgements being passed on her and how Rishi comes to her rescue. The high point of the episode is the cuteness quotient being taken to new heights by little Jahaan played by Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein’s real baby little Arham Hussein..RIGHT YA WRONG
    • 12. SIT

      13 Feb '20
      Is there a formula for parenting? Should mobiles be introduced to babies? How much should they be protected while being brought up? What about following a routine, a timetable? And eating habits? There are so many things open to debate when it comes to parenting. But is there really a right or wrong way? Watch Rishi (Karan V Grover) and Rohini (Chhavi Mittal) go through this phase of parenting and taking their own relationship to another level in this episode of The Better Half..PARENTING KA
    • 13. SIT

      27 Feb '20
      It’s that time of the year again, when you are due for an appraisal soon. Your boss’ feedback means everything! Why then would you want to piss him/her off? Instead you invite him/her over and treat her well. At least this is what Rishi tried in order to make an everlasting impression on Indu, her synonymous-with-Hitler boss. But what do you do when your boss and your wife don’t quite hit it off well? Watch Rishi get stuck in between hell and high water in this episode of THE BETTER
    • 14. SIT

      19 Mar '20
      It’s always safe to blindly agree with the wife and be a yes man in a relationship. Right? Most husbands believe that if they say no to something, that will be the start of a fight. But how can it be the best practice if it makes the husband unhappy? Watch Rishi live his life as the yes man only to discover the truth about it in a sweetly romantic way, in this hilarious episode of THE BETTER HALF-S4.YES MAN -E14
    • The lockdown has taught us many things. But as humans we are social animals and hence don’t react too well to social distancing. Watch what happens to Rohini after all these weeks of the lockdown alone with her little one Jahaan..LOCKDOWN KE SIDE EFFECTS – E16