• Air date: 13 Dec '18 10 episodes
      From the makers of MEN THE REAL VICTIMS, comes a new tale of husband wife banter! Is it the BETTER half, or the BITTER half?
      The Better Half season 3 has 10 episodes. It is a drama web-series starring Mohit Hussein, Chhavi Mittal and Sukant Goel. It is created by MOHIT HUSSEIN. Season 3 for The Better Half aired on 13 Dec '18 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
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    • Freshly back from the family vacation, Rohini has been brainwashed by her mother and sister-in-law that extending the family is the next right step for Rishi and Rohini. She is seriously toying with the idea while to Rishi it comes as a bit of a shock. They end up having a discussion about whether or not to go ahead. Will they? Or won’t they?.Watch Chhavi Mittal & Karan V Grover shining as Rohini & Rishi, once again in this hilarious launch episode of season 3 of The Better Half:
    • #TheBetterHalf.The mellow and sweet Rishi ends up getting agitated and for maybe the first time speaks back to Rohini. To the extent that he leaves the house and goes! Rohini starts to get worried after she realises that Rishi is not picking up her calls and it’s getting late. Where is Rishi? When will he come back? Watch Karan V Grover as Rishi and Chhavi Mittal as Rohini having a fight, and also watch Pooja Gor as Meera and Pracheen Chauhan as Abhimanyu coming on to make them reconcile in The
    • 3. IM PREGNANT

      10 Jan '19
      #TheBetterHalf.Rohini is now pregnant and with pregnancy come a lot of changes. No, not just the changes that come in the wife’s physical appearance and her moods, but the changes that come in the husband’s life! Can the husband feel pregnant? Oh sure! Watch how Rohini ensures that Rishi get a full pregnancy experience through her, and not just vicariously, in The Better Half- S3E3.
    • #TheBetterHalf.Mood swings. It is pretty much the first thing we associate with a pregnant woman. But imagine the level of mood swings in Rohini, who is even otherwise moody enough to drive Rishi up the wall! Husband wife relationship reaches another level in this sweet and relatable episode of THE BETTER HALF-S3
    • .A pregnant mother undoubtedly deserves a lot of TLC. After all she is the one carrying the actual baby inside her. And most of this pampering comes for the dad-to-be. But in all this attention and pampering, the poor father-to-be is completely neglected. Let’s take a look at what Rishi aka Karan V Grover is going through in his life vis-à-vis the baby to come!
    • 6. SIT

      28 Feb '19
      #Pregnancy.A pregnant mother has so much responsibility on her shoulders. A little life inside her is totally dependent on her care. Hence, it is natural that she falls prey to a lot of advice she gets along the way, thinking, “why take a chance”! But all of that advice is not genuine and some of it (most of it) are just myths! Watch how Rohini deals with the restrictions put on her by well meaning people around her, and also tell us in the comments which are the myths that you heard during
    • #BabyShower.Baby showers are becoming an extremely popular way to pamper new age pregnant moms. Watch what happens when Meera teams up with Rishi to plan a Baby Shower for the super pregnant Rohini. How hard will it be for Rishi to hide the surprise angle from Rohini!
    • #BabyNames.Who will name the baby? It is a thing that is not only so important because a name stays with the baby forever, but also because whoever names the baby will always be remembered as the one who named him/her! However, whether you are having a baby boy or a baby girl is anybody’s guess. No, literally! Everyone knows for a fact what somebody else is having even though the chances are 50-50! Watch Rishi and Rohini battle it out for who will name their baby, while Baby the maid goes to
    • 9. The Nesting

      25 Apr '19
      #TheBetterHalf.When a woman is pregnant, the body develops it’s own way to send signals to the mind, preparing her for the D-day. Nesting is something that is a woman’s way of preparing a nest for the baby to come. Watch how Rohini transforms from a regular girl into a mother in the final days of her pregnancy. And watch how Rishi reacts, in this Shitty Ideas Trending presentation:
    • #Pregnancy.The final stages of pregnancy lead to a very different kind of preparations. Packing the hospital bag is a task which nobody knows how to do perfectly. Everybody has different experiences and different advices to give, but eventually you reach the hospital and realise what actually was needed and what was missed! Besides that there are the false alarms that keep happening in the final days! Watch how Rishi thinks Rohini is crying wolf when the actual D-day arrives, in this sweet,