• Season 1 streaming now!
      Air date: 30 Nov '15 13 episodes
      A brand new series featuring those in love who need an extra push and take a chance for their love stories to begin. "Kahani Aise Aashiqon Ki...Jinki Bolne Mein Phati...Par Bol Diya"
      Sun Yaar Try Maar season 1 has 13 episodes. It is a drama web-series starring Ashish Bhatia and Ashish Bhatia. Season 1 for Sun Yaar Try Maar aired on 30 Nov '15 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube and Bindass.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • A girl finds herself falling for an old childhood friend when he comes back to Indore after a decade. The only thing holding her back is the fact that she had once tied a rakhi on his wrist..
    • A girl & boy who commute on the same ferry everyday clearly share feelings for each other. The girl waits for the boy to make the first move but he doesn’t. When finally the girl decides to make the move, the boy disappears. She goes on a hunt to find him and confess her feelings for him. .
    • A shy and shareef young man falls in love a woman who appears as a host on late night teleshopping channel. He hopes to get to his love by buying rubbish he has no need for and bankrupting his family..
    • A principled defendant lawyer falls in love with a young ambitious prosecutor. And while he figures out the right way to tell her his feelings, an innocent man’s life hangs in the balance..
    • 6. Hostelwaali

      30 Dec '15
      In a small town, a young good for nothing boy writes a love letter to the girl he loves. Unfortuantely for him the watchman who he has bribed ends up giving the letter to the girl's friend and this leads to unexepected complications.
    • 7. Shaadi

      06 Jan '16
      A girl who has zero interest in boys & loves astronomy suddenly changes her outlook in life when she meet the manager of the hotel where her sister is getting married. She falls head over heals in love with him & saves him from the clutches of her father. .
    • The boy falls in love with a girl who lives as a tenant in his childhood house, his father wants the girl & her sister to vacate as he wants to sell the house, the boy gangs up with them to scare away prospective buyers as he does not want her to move away!.
    • 9. Football

      20 Jan '16
      A well to do boy from a rich upmarket school falls in love with a girl who plays football from a not to upmarket rival school, he ends up leading parallel lives in order to hide his identity and profess his love to her.
    • 12. Bhaangover

      10 Feb '16
      5 friends head out of town to celebrate Holi, they bump into a good looking biker boy who has left home against his father's wishes to fulfill his dreams, Avanti, the main lead, falls in love with him which leads to a series of events, where she tries her best to get him to spend time with them.
    • After falling in love with his topper neighbour, a below average student decides to study hard and impress her, trouble begins when his cousin, a topper himself, comes to live with him.