• Air date: 13 Jul '16 15 episodes
      While running from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant young college-dropout, slips into a job interview with one of New York City's best legal closers, Harvey Specter. Tired of cookie-cutter law school grads, Harvey takes a gamble by hiring Mike on the spot after he recognizes his raw talent and photographic memory.
  • List of Episodes (15)
    • 1. To Trouble

      13 Jul '16
      Mike transitions to prison life while Harvey, Jessica, Louis, Donna and Rachel deal with the fallout of Mike’s plea deal and try to prevent what’s left of PSL from collapsing.
    • 2. Accounts Payable

      20 Jul '16
      Louis, Jessica and Harvey fend off a class action lawsuit from PSL’s former clients. Meanwhile, Mike runs afoul of a fellow prisoner due to reasons beyond his own control.
    • 3. Back on the Map

      27 Jul '16
      Mike tries to stay safe without violating Danbury’s unwritten rules. Jessica and Harvey try to land a whale. Louis searches for an office tenant. Rachel goes up against a fellow student.
    • 4. Turn

      03 Aug '16
      Mike considers a deal that could reduce his sentence. Jessica and Louis take different approaches to deal with tenants. Rachel represents a death row inmate.
    • 5. Trust

      10 Aug '16
      Mike tries to gain Kevin's trust. Harvey enacts a risky plan. Jessica tries to mend the firm's reputation. Rachel hits a roadblock. Louis enlists Donna's help.
    • 6. Spain

      17 Aug '16
      Harvey defends Sutter from Cahill. Mike's past threatens to derail his mission. Rachel and Jessica seek evidence to re-open a case. Louis woos Tara.
    • 7. Shake the Trees

      24 Aug '16
      Harvey, Louis and Donna search for a missing link to Sutter's inside trading. Mike takes measures to get Kevin on his side. Rachel and Jessica deliver bad news.
    • 8. Borrowed Time

      31 Aug '16
      Harvey counters Cahill's star witness. Mike tries to deliver a witness himself. Jessica and Rachel try to delay Leonard's execution. Louis adjusts to life as the other man.
    • 9. The Hand That Feeds You

      07 Sep '16
      In order to protect Mike, Harvey considers putting Gallo back on the streets. Jessica and Rachel get Bailey's case re-opened. Louis deals with anxiety over Tara.
    • 10. P.S.L.

      14 Sep '16
      Jessica and Rachel fight to save Leonard Bailey. Harvey and Louis try to keep clients from abandoning ship by wooing their oldest client.
    • 11. She's Gone

      25 Jan '17
      Harvey, Louis and Donna plan for a future without Jessica; Mike adjusts to life as an ex-convict; Rachel considers her options.
    • 12. The Painting

      01 Feb '17
      Harvey tries to repair a broken relationship - leaving Louis, Donna and Rachel to manage PSL in his absence. Meanwhile, Mike gets a helping hand from an unexpected place.
    • 13. Teeth, Nose, Teeth

      08 Feb '17
      Rachel receives a letter that creates an unexpected issue for Harvey and Louis. Mike's mentorship of Oliver and Marissa gets put to the test. And Donna gets a surprise from the IT department.
    • 14. Admission of Guilt

      15 Feb '17
      Harvey and Mike walk a fine line when they partner on a class action. Louis needs Rachel's help impressing a client during an annual presentation. Donna and Benjamin refine their product.
    • 15. Quid Pro Quo

      22 Feb '17
      When Mike's class action hits a snag, it might cost him more than the case; Harvey, Louis and Rachel consider getting their hands dirty; and Donna and Benjamin seek an investor.