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Yuddham Sei 2011

a.k.a யுத்தம் செய்

Yuddham Sei Director : Myshkin

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Yuddham Sei Plot

A CBCID officer investigates an eccentric series of crimes happening in the city. His investigation leads him to unexpected crime perpetrators.

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  • 3.5/5
[contains spoilers]
A slow paced well made thriller

When there is a confluence of creative energies from the likes of Mysskin, Cheran and Ameer, the expectations are bound to soar up to stratospheric levels especially with Mysskin who is fresh from basking in the glory of his recent Nandalala. In this AGS production venture, Mysskin has chosen the crime and detection genre with Cheran as the protagonist steering the cast.

Yudham Sei

J K (Cheran) is the honest CB-CID officer who is distressed when his sister Charu goes missing suddenly. When he is about to resign his job on her search, his superior hands him a sensational and a high profile assignment that requires untangling a case wherein severed and neatly packed body parts are...

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