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You, Me and Galatfehmi 2018

You, Me and Galatfehmi Creator : Sreejoni Nag

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You, Me and Galatfehmi is streaming online on Youtube.

You, Me and Galatfehmi Plot

Big or small, Insecurities are an indispensable part of any loving relationship. More often than not, they play with your mind leading to petty misunderstandings between you and your partner. Presenting Galatfehmi, the personification of all the misunderstandings in the life of Amit and Ritu.
You, Me and Galatfehmi is a drama web-series starring Ashwani Kumar, Naina Sareen and Aritro Banerjee. It is created by Sreejoni Nag. You, Me and Galatfehmi is currently streaming at Youtube.

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User Review
  • 3/5
By Amish Gupta
Paints an honest picture

A mini web series, with episodes no longer than 10 minutes on average, You me and galatfehmi is an interesting take on shortcomings in human nature that leave us jealous, insecure or worse -skeptical. Each episode follows a formulaic pattern and the show begins with one of the partners being suspicious about something completely harmless that their better half said or did. 'Galtfehmi', soon comes into play and starts concocting all sorts of unreasonable conclusions.

The format is humourous, writing is on point but nothing that is unheard of. Performances are just good enough. Although It is comforting to hear absurd spiral of thoughts out loud, that every human brain tends to drift into...

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