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Yoddha is streaming online on Disney+ Hotstar, Jio and Eros Now.

Yoddha Plot

Ashokan goes on a trip to Nepal to meet his uncle who is settled there. To his surprise, his rival from his village Appukuttan is already there impersonating him. He is unable to convince his uncle about the truth and gets kicked out of the house. While trying to find shelter he meets a young Nepalese boy. Though they don't understand each others' language, they quickly form a bond. Meanwhile Ashokan is able to convince his cousin Aswathy that Appukuttan is an impostor. Aswathy who is a student researching ancient Nepalese traditions realizes that the young Nepalese boy is actually a Rimpoche, the spiritual leader of his tribe and is on the run from evil forces who want to banish him. Ashokan gets sucked in to the scenario unknowingly and ends up being the Rimpoche's protector.

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  • Jagathi in Nepal Forests - Yodha
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