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Laal Rang 2016

Laal Rang Director : Syed Ahmad Afzal

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Laal Rang is streaming online on Disney+ Hotstar.

Laal Rang Plot

Rajesh is a youngster who is in love with a fellow student Poonam. Poonam on the other hand is money minded and wants a guy who has a good source of income. Rajesh meets Shankar who runs a illegal blood bank. Shankar also has had a heart break through a punjabi girl whom he still misses. Though initially Rajesh is not aware of Shankars illegal trades, he likes it the instant he comes to know about it and gets involved to earn quick money to impress Poonam. Slowly as the business kicks off, Rajesh starts showing off his money to Poonam.

Box Office

Budget : ₹300 mns

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LAAL RANG is a story about an ambitious youngster, Rajesh looks up to the notorious local don Shankar for life advice and direction. Even after learning that the latter is into the murky business of blood theft, Rajesh continues to support and participate in the illegal trade to earn quick money and impress a fellow student, Poonam. What follows is the story of love, friendship and betrayal that will make you laugh and tug your heartstrings at the same time!
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