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Xcuse Me Plot

Bantu and Chantu are unemployed, and are not able to get any jobs due to lack of experience. They come across an advertisement for a hotel management program in Goa, and make their way there. Once there, they hoodwink the trainer by posing as the nephew of the owner of the hotel, and thus enroll themselves in the training course. In the course of the program, they expose several employees and guests as cheats, earning their wrath but also the admiration of the two daughters of the hotel owners. Things turn sore for the two when the guests and former employees get together to avenge their humiliation.

Xcuse Me Cast

User Review
  • 1.5/5
By Mehul

XCUSE Story: A frail endeavor to make a parody film. This film can just flaunt rediculous scenes with the legit purpose to make the gathering of people snicker, yet bombs pitiably!

This supposed continuation of STYLE was fruitful in exhausting and aggravating the gathering of people.

Chantu and Bantu (Sharman Joshi and Sahil Khan, individually) have at last moved on from school.

, the exhibitions are as need shine as whatever is left of the motion picture, with a couple of exemptions.

The music by Sanjeev-Darshan is pitiful, yet fills the need of the film; the less stated, the better

All said and done, ensure you "xcuse" yourself from watching...

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