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Virodhi 1992

Virodhi Director : Rajkumar Kohli

Virodhi Plot

Pinky, sister of the Police Commissioner is drawn to Raj, a dashing young man and younger brother of Inspector Shekar. Badrinath Pandey, a Minister is involved in the rackets, with hoodlums at his beck and call enforce his whims. Sons of Pandey and a couple of his fellow ministers rape and pillage at will, and the police are pretty much powerless to bring them to book. The Police Commissioner is caught in the vise of his conscience and professionalism on the one hand, and the Minister's illegal orders. Pandey and his ministerial colleagues, together with their hoodlums bring Pinky, Raj, the Police Commissioner, Inspector Shekar and his wife to the brink of death.

Virodhi Cast

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