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The story of a young Louis XIV on his journey to become the most powerful monarch in Europe, from his battles with the fronde through his development into the Sun King. Historical and fictional characters guide us in a world of betrayal and political maneuvering, revealing Versailles in all its glory and brutality.

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  • VERSAILLES - TV Series Official Trailer (English)
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  • 10. The Legacy
    21 May '18
  • 9. The Powder Keg
    21 May '18
  • 8. Men and Gods
    14 May '18
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  • 2.5/5
By Devayu Rastogi
Good enough..

The show very enigamtically captures the French empire in all its glory during its prime. The extravagant sets and costumes make the show a must watch for all.

King Louie dreams of building a castle that is so beautiful that even the gods would envy him. All this while he is surrounded by enemies and allies who make this dificult for the French empire to fund such a humungous project. Also the constant affairs of the King make the show spicy and raunchy. Constantly he is battling his own conscience and keeping his desires aside when it comes down to his kingdom. The show very beautifully captures the political turmoil, adultery and wars.

Though Daniel Glagden has acted wonderfully, the...

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