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Varsham 2004

a.k.a వర్షం

Varsham Director : Sobhan

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Varsham is streaming online on Voot, Jio, Eros Now and Sun NXT.

Varsham Plot

Venkat and Sailaja are youngsters at Warangal who fall in love. Bhadranna is the most dreaded and ruthless landlord in Nizam area. Bhadranna also likes Sailaja and wants to marry her. Ranga Rao, Sailaja's dad, is a typical black sheep having all kinds of bad habits. In the process, he is ready to marry off his daughter to Bhadranna for money. Ranga Rao plants certain ego problems in the minds of Venkat and Sailaja and then paves a way for their love to break up. Later on Bhadranna kidnaps Sailaja. The rest of the story is all about how Venkat brings back Sailaja from the bastion of Bhadranna and how he clears off the misunderstanding with Sailaja in the process.

Varsham Cast

User Review
  • 4/5
By MovieMavenGal

This is a must watch for any Prabhas fan, because he is wet for so much of the movie. :) The title Varsham means Rain.

The film opens with a girl being kidnapped from a movie set by some goons. We first Prabhas (Venkat) rescuing his uncle who has had a heart attack. He vows to find money for his by-pass, and tells his aunt not to worry. As he leaves the hospital, he is approached to find the kidnapped girl. He stops and says ...."I'll find her. Not because I love her, but for the money." Cue extensive flashback as he stares at her picture in his wallet.

Prabhas (Venkat) meets Sailaja on a train. When the train makes a stop, he is entranced by the sight of her praying to the...

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