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Travolta et moi 1994

a.k.a Travolta and Me

Travolta et moi Director : Patricia Mazuy

Travolta et moi Plot

Christine, 16 years old, has dreamt of John Travolta ever since seeing him in "Saturday Night Live". Nicolas, age 17, is a very quiet, wierd young guy "flipped out" by the writings of Rimbaud and Nietzsche. As a joke, Nicolas makes a bet with one of his friends. "To pick up a girl, all you have to do is want her", he says. When he meets Christine for the first time on a bus, Nicolas is obliged to try and pick her up. For him, she's just part of the game he's playing. But for her, it's love. Her first. They make plans for the following day. Untortunately, Christine finds herself stuck working behind the counter of her parents bakery. But she will travel great lengths to keep this date with Nicolas. At an iceskating rink where some kids are throwing a birthday party, Nicolas finds himself facing his passionate date, Christine. Not only is this his first meeting with "The One", but its also the first occasion where he finds himself confronted with who he really is.

Travolta et moi Cast

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