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A man reflects on the lost love of his youth and his long-ago journey from Taiwan to America as he begins to reconnect with his estranged daughter.

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  • Tigertail - A Film by Alan Yang | Official Trailer | Netflix
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  • 2/5
By JVan

The story starts off with the protoganist Pin-jui, a small kid living with his Grandparent's after the death of his father, while his mother is away in search of a job that could provide her son with better opportunities. Pin- jui meets Yuan, a similar aged girl. Years passed they eventually fall in love. Pin-jui after working alongside his mother at a factory, thinks it's no longer safe for her to work and now it's his turn to give her a better opportunity. He takes up a deal with the his boss to move to America along with his daughter Zhenzhen, leaving his first love behind without a goodbye.

The hardships of being in a marriage with no love, having children where there is no...

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