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The story follows a young lawyer, Arthur Kipps, who is ordered to travel to a remote village and sort out a recently deceased client’s papers. As he works alone in the client’s isolated house, Kipps begins to uncover tragic secrets, his unease growing when he glimpses a mysterious woman dressed only in black. Receiving only silence from the locals, Kipps is forced to uncover the true identity of the Woman in Black on his own, leading to a desperate race against time when he discovers her true identity.

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Budget : $15 mn
Box Office : $127 mn

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  • 3.5/5
By Isha Chakraborty
A Victorian Horror enough to fuel nightmares

The story revolves around a lawyer who is sent to investigate a house belonging to a deceased woman.

It's a bliss seeing Daniel Radcliffe fight off things that not evil happiness sucking monsters. The story progression is steady with a few jump scares here and there. It does pack a good punch, and you might want to check your doors before you sleep at night. Set in the Victorian era, the films backdrop only makes it even more creepier to watch.

I did wish James Watkins shone some more light on the past events of the Eel marsh. But it didn't effect the movie much.

I'd suggest you watch this, but not with the lights off ;)

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