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The Willoughbys is streaming online on Netflix.

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When the four Willoughby children are abandoned by their selfish parents, they must learn how to adapt their Old-Fashioned values to the contemporary world in order to create something new: The Modern Family.

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User Review
  • 4/5
By JVan
[contains spoilers]

The character design of this movie is so well done. This isn't your everyday animated movie where the story is slow paced and usually accompanied by a predictable story line.

The movie is narrated by a cat. The story revolves around parents who are obsessed with each, I don't think they seem to understand the mere concept of how babies are made. They end up having four children, Tim the eldest boy, Jane and a set of twins. With their parents often irritated when they are reminded they have children, the kids often had to fend for themselves. With a newborn showing up at their doorstep, a rainbow leading to a chocolate factory, a plan to get rid of their parents and a nannies arrival,...

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