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Two people per level. An unknown number of levels. A platform with food for all of them. Are you one of those who think too much when they are up? Or of those who have no guts when they are down? If you discover it too late, you will not live out of the hole.

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  • 3/5
By JVan
A disturbing movie for a disturbing society.

The Platform is a foreign language Film (Spanish) which has been dubbed to English. It portrays the true definition of a mix of horror and thriller.

Goreng the protoganist of the film ends up in a place called "The Pit or Hole" willingly, in exchange for a diploma. The Pit seems to be the wildest hell form of a jail. It contains different floors, each level consisting of two residents. A large rectangle hole is the standard throughout the pit through which food is carried down from the upper level to the lower levels and the food looks like a banquet feast fit for Kings. It stops per level for a few minutes which is the given time in which the food must be partook. Seems like luxory...

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