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In the small town of Rockwell, Maine in October 1957, a giant metal machine befriends a nine-year-old boy and ultimately finds its humanity by unselfishly saving people from their own fears and prejudices.

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Budget : $70-80 mn
Box Office : $31.3 mn

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  • 4.5/5
By Anish Misra
Greatly Touching

The Iron Giant is a film co-written and directed by Brad Bird. This film was on my radar for quite some time since it is directed by Brad Bird. Finally, I decided to watch the film and I can say that it was definitely great.

Plot: Hogarth befriends a giant robot but also has to defend the robot from a ruthless government official.

Story and direction: This film was in the traditional animation form which incorporated little CGI. At a time when CGI films were on the rise, bringing out such a film is a risk. With Brad Bird as the captain of the ship, what is to go wrong?? Nothing. Director’s like Brad Bird is why I love animated films. Not only do they have such a good story but a...

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