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Will and his new girlfriend Kira are invited to a dinner with old friends at the house of Will’s ex Eden and her new partner David. Although the evening appears to be relaxed, Will soon gets a creeping suspicion that their charming host David is up to something.

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  • official trailer 1 2016
There is no need to be afraid.
Already receiving rave reviews. Here is the first trailer of The Invitation. #trailer
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  • 2/5
By Joshita Chopra
No. Just... No.

Will and Eden broke off their marriage after the tragic event of their son dying and them facing many psychological problems in dealing with it. Now, after two years of no contact, Eden and her new husband David come back from their 'communion', but more rightly called a cult, in Mexico, with two of their friends, and host a dinner party. They invite all their old friends, including Will, who haven't even heard from them in all these years, in order to reconnect. And believe me, this isn't a dinner party I would like to attend.

Will knows from the beginning of the evening that something is wrong, but cannot quite place his finger on it. And...

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