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Abhik Chowdhury is an IPS officer with a heart -- honest, upright, yet laid-back. Having lost faith in the real relationships that he sees around him, Abhik seeks solace in the virtual world. While navigating through this virtual world, Abhik develops an online relationship with a young woman, Brinda, without knowing anything about her. Brinda is a young, dynamic television journalist. For both Abhik and Brinda, who do not know each other's real names or whereabouts, this online communication soon becomes an increasingly intense relationship, more real than virtual. Ironically the virtual lovers, Abhik and Brinda have an acrimonious first meeting in the real world - at the launch of a controversial mega project of a big-time real estate entrepreneur, V.K. Mehra. Unaware that she knows Abhik so well on the Internet, Brinda, gets into a bitter exchange of words with him. Before leaving in a huff...

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  • 3/5
By Anamika S

Antaheen is a movie tightly packed with emotions. It simultaneously speaks the stories of relationship across generations. The story is clichéd I agree, however, the movie can’t be evaluated just on the basis of a story for each story could be told in lot many ways. That’s what the director had done here. He took an age-old clichéd story and created magic with it. Cinematography and music are two strong points of antaheen, which actually gave life to the whole plot. Performance of Rahul Bose, Sen is average. But what is nice about the movie is perhaps the feel it gives to the audience.

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