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Taking all that was great from the first installment, ABCs OF DEATH 2 aims to be a wilder, leaner, faster paced and even more entertaining anthology this time around, with a new crop of award-winning, visionary filmmakers from around the globe.

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  • 2.5/5
By Isha Chakraborty
A Gore Fest

The film shows 26 different ways to meet death, using 26 alphabets.

Conceptually the film is a gem, it's intriguing to see so many different directors come together and create short masterpieces that are independent stories on their own. It's definitely new in the splatter genre, but is nothing more than average.

The film is a dark comedy, and if you can bear to stick to it for more than 10 mins. You'd know exactly what you signed in for. The film deals with extreme gore and topics that are usually NSFW. What I can say is the stories don't quite have a happy end. It's a very unpleasant movie to say the least. But the ridiculous plot lines, makes the gore slightly digestible.

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