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Tashan Plot

Jeetendra Kumar Makwana is employed full-time at a Call Center and works part-time teaching English. He is recruited by an attractive young woman, Pooja, to teach her Hinglish-speaking boss, Bhaiyaji, English. Jeetendra agrees to do so, falls in love with Pooja, and joins forces with her to steal a bag containing 25 Crore Rupees in cash. He will soon find out that Bhaiyaji is a hoodlum and extortionist known to the Police as Lakhan Singh.

Box Office

Budget : INR 31 cr
Box Office : INR 51 Crore

Tashan Cast

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  • 1/5
By Mayank Singh Verma
can't review as i slept through the movie

The movie has a unique concept it utilizes flashback in a flashback .So, it is what we call inception.Acting by Anil Kapoor, Saif his lingua looks pathetic. The only plus point is Akshay Kumar which tries to save the movie for abit but even he can't save this one . Total disaster . Don't go to see it if you value your life

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