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Marriages are made in heaven! Though the road to heaven might be a little “tedha’. Meet ‘Manu’, a seedha saadha Doctor from London. Intelligent, temperate and from a respectable family, The perfect groom which every parent wants for their daughter. ‘Family pressure’ leads him to Kanpur to meet Tanu the quintessential small town girl who has studied in Delhi. Tanu is a smart, intelligent girl who will do everything that her parents will disapprove. With a mind of her own and a love for rebellion, Tanu is dead against an arranged marriage. But destiny holds something totally different for these dramatically diverse personalities. Their paths keep crossing time and again and weaves this wonderful story through the Indian heartland.

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Budget : ₹17.50 cr
Box Office : ₹70 cr

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User Review
  • 3.5/5
By MovieMavenGal

I thought the main attraction for me would be the acting of Kangana, and I did enjoy her, but Madhavan just made me totally fall in love with him. The pacing was a little slow occasionally, but I am in deep, deep love with Madhavan. I don't remember him that much from Guru or 3 Idiots, but in this movie. Wow. He is like a quiet gentle giant.

Late in the film, there is this scene when he tells Tanu about how he fell in love with her, and he's crying, and I'm tearing up and it's just ..... And then a later scene where she asks him if he truly loves her, if he would just hold her face so she knows it's true, and he reverently cups her cheek with one hand. Swoon!

I also loved Jimmy...

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