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Sisters is streaming online on Youtube.

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Sisters is an adult, romance web-series starring Amrita Tanganiya, Lalit Choudhary, Deepti Pandey and Anand Agarwal. Sisters is currently streaming at Youtube.

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  • 0.5/5
By Amish Gupta
Pointless and repugnant

The fact that this series has just 3 episodes is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing, because there are just three existing episodes of this abominable chaos. Curse, because there still are 3 episodes out there of this abominable chaos.

Sisters is a show about a boy seemingly loyal to his girlfriend but caught in a sexual whirlwind with his girlfriend's sister. The sister in question forces herself onto the guy and makes non-consensual love to him. This prompts his girlfriend to report her sister to the police, and that's just one episode. The rest of the two are pointless, slower than a turtle on sand, and did I say pointless? There is next to none effort put in acting, direction or...

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