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Prime leader of a campaign against a big government project is killed in what appears to be a road accident. An IAS officer is ordered to probe the incident and the veils of falsehood begin to drop.

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Budget : ₹20 mn
Box Office : ₹349 mn mn

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  • 2.5/5
By Ankur Sengupta

I am simply at a loss to understand as to why this movie has been categorized as as a political thriller. With a straight forward plot, there are hardly any moments which can be christened as "Thrilling". Apart from the performances of Imran Hashmi and Abhay Deol, there's nothing much that this movie has to offer. Direction and cinematography are average at the best and Kalki's performance is the final nail in the coffin which destroys the movie. The lack of a good background score is pretty evident all throughout the film and the climax is highly disappointing as a strong ending could have definitely saved the entire film. After some brilliant movies like Khosla ka Ghosla, it seems like...

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