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Shamantakamani 2017

a.k.a శమంతకమణి

Shamantakamani Director : Sriram Adittya

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Shamantakamani is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Shamantakamani Plot

A 5 Crore INR worth of vintage Rolls Royce car called Shamanthakamani owned by a millionaire Krishna gets stolen from the parking lot of a 5 Star hotel which leads into an aftermath. Inspector Ranjith Kumar is assigned with the job of finding the missing car. During the investigation, Ranjith Kumar suspects three people as accusing; a car mechanic Uma Maheswara Rao / Mahesh Babu, a villager Siva and a middle-class youngster Karthik and arrests them. Rest of the story is what happened to the car? Who is the actual culprit? How does Ranjith Kumar solve the crime?

Shamantakamani Cast

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