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Shadow of Truth 2016

Series Ended (2016 - 2016)

Shadow of Truth Creator : Mika Timor, Ari Pines, Yotam Guendelman

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Shadow of Truth is streaming online on Netflix.

Shadow of Truth Plot

In 2006, the body of the girl Tair Rada was found in the bathroom stall at the school where she studied. Days later, the police arrested a suspect - Roman Zadorov, and after a week of intense interrogation he admits and restores the murder. However, even after he was convicted three times, many still believe in his innocence. The series explores the length and breadth provision and leaving no stone unturned in an attempt to complete the picture of the puzzle, exposing new and dramatic discoveries. Through a complex mosaic of interviews, photographs and cinematic touch with the extensive use of inquiry and archives, the show tries to fathom the overwhelming truth.

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Latest Episodes - Shadow of Truth
  • 4. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
    30 Mar '16
  • 3. Friends or foes
    29 Mar '16
  • 2. The Scapegoat
    28 Mar '16
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