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Tormented with his 'under-privileged' societal status, a father capitalizes on his son's newfound fame as a boy-genius. Little does he realize that the secret he harbors will destroy the very thing he loves the most.

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  • 4/5
A quirky tale of caste and conflict

Serious men starts with a deviant note that " It's hard to deal with primitive minds like you". Nawazuddin siddiqui's lustrous performance with Aakshath Das's slant characterization brings much to the screen as expected.

The film is a definitive piece and satire on the inferiority of dalits and brahmanical ideology. Nawazuddin siddiqui who plays the character of Ayaan Mani acts as a assistant to his upper class boss Arvind Acharya in the National Institute of Fundamental research. Mani who is more Bombaiya than his original Tamil roots had came a long way persisting the adversaries of caste oppression from society.

As in the early scenes of the movie we get to see Nawazuddin siddiqui...

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