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The fifth film in the "Scream" series.
Scream 5 is a horror, mystery movie starring Neve Campbell , David Arquette , Courteney Cox and Mikey Madison. It is directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin.

Box Office

Budget : $40 mn
Box Office : $97.2 mn

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Sidney's back, and she's made a few friends. Scream 5 One of the iconic franchise Sequels trailer is out now. #trailer
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  • 2.5/5
By Sha Shewakar

Twenty-five years after Billy Loomis and Stu Macher's killing spree in Woodsboro, high school student Tara Carpenter is home alone when she is attacked by Ghostface and left hospitalized.

In Modesto, Tara's estranged older sister Sam Carpenter is informed by Wes Hicks, one of Tara's friends, about the attack. Sam returns to Woodsboro with her boyfriend Richie Kirsch to visit Tara at the hospital, where Sam is reunited with Tara's friend group: Wes, Amber Freeman, and twins Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin. That night, Chad's girlfriend Liv Mckenzie's ex-boyfriend Vince Schneider, who is Stu Macher's nephew, is killed by Ghostface. At the hospital, Sam is attacked by Ghostface. After escaping,...

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