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Jigsaw has disappeared. Along with his new apprentice Amanda, the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detective scramble to locate him, Doctor Lynn Denlon and Jeff Reinhart are unaware that they are about to become the latest pawns on his vicious chessboard.

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Budget : $10 mn
Box Office : $164.8 mn

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  • 3/5
By Pratik Singh

What Saw 3 is about is revenge. A father who is consumed by nothing else and only seeks out to get it. Jigsaw plays by the rules and promises freedom when you win the game. It's a great movie and helps fill in the holes from previous Saw movies. It's well acted, well shot. The suffering and screaming is frightening, I wouldn't want to endure any of the games. But I understand why. It's a franchise of horror, violence that justifys the direction throughout. I never saw the twist at the end and like the other Saw movies, it's just as memorable. Get sucked in, get involved with the people you see on the screen and understand why Jigsaw does what he does.

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