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Santosh Subramaniam 2008

Santosh Subramaniam Director : M. Raja

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Santosh Subramaniam Plot

The film begins with a baby taking his initial steps on a beach while the father is supporting him. The narrator in the background (Sathyaraj) states that, it is right for a father to support his child in his infancy, but questions whether the father should continue to hold the child’s hand even after he is 24 years old. As the credits roll, a visibly angry Santhosh (Jayam Ravi) begins uttering abuses at all the fathers in the world. When inquired about his disgust, he says that his father, Subramaniam (Prakash Raj), gives him more than what he asks for. He cites instances where his choices of dressing, hairdo and many others are stashed away by his father’s. However, he vows that the two things that will be of his choice would be, his career and the woman he would marry.

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User Review
  • 4/5
By Kabbilaash Kumar

'Love makes life beautiful' – says the tagline of Kalaprathi S Agoram's Santhosh Subramaniam directed by M Raja, and you realise, once you're out of the movie hall, that the underlying message applies not just to romantic relationships, but other kinds as well.

Take, for example, the relationship between Santhosh the protagonist ('Jeyam' Ravi) and his father Subramaniam (Prakashraj); the son is always subdued, eager to acquiesce to his father, not having a say in choosing even his own shirt. Everything, from business decisions and board meetings, arranging a marriage to eating puri the right way are designated by this domineering father who always seeks the best for his twenty-four year...

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