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Sambaram 2003

a.k.a Sambaram

Sambaram Director : Dasaradh

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Sambaram Plot

Ravi (Nitin) and Geeta (Nikita) are childhood friends. Ravi is a carefree guy who roams around with friends without concentrating on studies. Geeta is a sincere student who passes engineering studies. Ravi has love feelings for her and everybody in the town is aware of it except for Geeta. When she is asked by Nitin's sister-in-law when she is planning to marry Ravi, she expresses her surprise and says that they are just friends and she has no feelings for her. She shows her materialistic attitude by saying that she wants her husband to be financially and academically more stronger than her. Ravi is devastated after listening to her logic. He realizes the importance of being a responsible family member and takes up odd jobs to earn money.

Sambaram Cast

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