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Rockstar Plot

An uninhibited youth woos the hottest about-to-be-married college girl. He rises to become a rock-star - then self-destructs.

Box Office

Budget : ₹600 mn
Box Office : ₹1.08 bn

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  • theatrical trailer feat ranbir kapoor nargis fakhri
User Review
  • 4.5/5
By Mayank Singh Verma
truly rocking

The movie starts with the line --far off from here,beyond right and wrong there is a vast field out there ,i will meet you there' the movie is about the life of janardhan jakhad (ranbir kapoor)who wants to be a singer and how he achieves his dream and what he loses in the process his love(nargis fakhri) . The movie is fresh and has brought life to such a story with good acting by Ranbir and other coactors. The music and screenplay add to the script and hence the movie is worth the watch

Must see it if you are in love

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