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Rock On!! is streaming online on Netflix.

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Aditya, Joe, Kedar and Rob form a rock band, but break up after they fail to make a success of it. They establish regular lives until they decide to reunite and take another shot at fulfilling their dreams.

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Box Office : US$7 mn

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  • 4/5
By Madhurima Mukhopadhyay
Buddies and music. The best combo!

The movie is a cult one and stands undisputed among the top bollywood films made on friendship. Four college friends,who were passionate about music won a music contest as a band,and while they were about to record their album-misunderstandings ensued and the band was dismantled and so was the bonding! Several years later,the wife of the vocalist finds some band photos,featuring her sombre introvert husband, and her curiosity makes her unravel a whole new exciting past! She plans a reunion of the four friends and they try to rebuild the bond,and the band! The story has been expressed beautifully with several emotional scenes and very sensitive aspect of relationships! The...

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