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Relatos salvajes is streaming online on Prime Video.

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Six short stories that explore the extremities of human behavior involving people in distress.
Relatos salvajes is a comedy, drama movie starring Ricardo Darín, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Érica Rivas and Oscar Martínez. It is directed by Damián Szifron. Relatos salvajes is currently streaming at Prime Video.

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  • wild tales official trailer 1 2014
User Review
  • 5/5
By Maxie The Movie Person

Wild Tales, produced by Pedro Almodóvar, saves anthology comedy film from future disaster. It's everything Movie 43 wasn't; while Movie 43 got a gratuitous number of directors to waste their talents on following the same type of humour, the movie I just saw is all done by one director, and some of the jokes are disgusting yet all six segments are funny in just the right ways. They have actual storytelling. They start off serious for more or less than a few minutes, but then a joke comes and each story becomes a romp, and it's some of the smartest comedic timing I've seen in a foreign film.

What makes these stories even better is that they are all original. They don't parody other works...

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