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Red Ruby is streaming online on Youtube.

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Decades ago, a group of Millwood students were presumed dead after a collapse in the cave they were exploring. Years later, they show up in town, having not aged a day…and with a taste for blood.
Red Ruby is a sci-fi web-series starring Paul Thomas Arnold, Kristi Beckett and Michael Campion. Red Ruby is currently streaming at Youtube.

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  • 3/5
By Amish Gupta
A supernatural series that lacks super.

Compassionate vampires, mysterious disappearances and cursed soils, Red Ruby cramps in a lot of plot twists and revelations in a short series with an average episode no longer than 15 minutes. Unfortunately, neither are all the plot twists palatable nor jaw-dropping. It's easy to judge from an opening couple of minutes that the target audience for the series are young adults which Brat aims for anyway. Cool lingo and typical teen problems is what the show opens with before turning into a supernatural thriller.

A powerful local industrialist decided to start drilling land in his city with a lot of oil potential but uses environmentally disastrous measures to extract it. In response, a high...

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