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Series Ended (1951 - 1952)

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Racket Squad is an American TV crime drama series starring Reed Hadley as Captain John Braddock, a fictional detective working for the San Francisco, California Police Department. The show aired in syndication for a season before being picked up by CBS for three seasons. The series was filmed at Hal Roach Studios in Culver City, California, and was sponsored by cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris, hence there was a pack of the sponsor's brand on Braddock's desk at the beginning and end of the episode, as well as occasional scenes of him or other characters "lighting up".

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Latest Episodes - Racket Squad
  • 36. Flight of the Flying Fish
    04 Dec '52
  • 35. The Sure Thing
    07 Sep '53
  • 34. Sting of Fate
    31 Aug '53
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