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Outer Banks is streaming online on Netflix.

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A tight-knit group of teens unearths a long-buried secret, setting off a chain of illicit events that takes them on an adventure they'll never forget.

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Four friends. One summer. And $400 million in gold. Outer Banks streaming on April 15 #trailer
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  • 10. The Phantom
    15 Apr '20
  • 9. The Bell Tower
    15 Apr '20
  • 8. The Runway
    15 Apr '20
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  • 4.5/5
By JVan
Absolute favourite

The show takes place on the islands of North Carolina where the society has been divided into two, Porgues the people who have to work day and night to earn their small living and the Kooks who have riches for centuries. John B a 17 year old teen who's father has been missing at sea for months now discovers that he left John encrypted messages of a shipwreck treasure. Along with his friends JJ, Pope and Kiara they go on an adventure where the path is filled with traps along with the rest of the islanders hunting them. On the way along the journey, John falls in love with a Kook named Sarah. Will the treasure be worth their personal risks?

This show had 10 episodes and I wished there were...

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