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Matt Lee Whitlock, respected chief of police in small Banyan Key, Florida, must solve a vicious double homicide before he himself falls under suspicion. Matt Lee has to stay a few steps ahead of his own police force and everyone he's trusted in order to find out the truth.

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Budget : $50 mn
Box Office : $55.5 mn

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By Sha Shewakar

Matt Lee Whitlock (Denzel Washington) is the police chief of a small Florida town, going through a divorce with his detective wife, Alex (Eva Mendes). He begins a passionate affair with Ann (Sanaa Lathan), only to find out that she's stricken with terminal cancer. Matt steals a large sum of money confiscated from a drug bust in order to pay for Ann's treatment -- but when she apparently dies in a suspicious fire, the money disappears, and all the clues point to Matt as the culprit.

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