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Orphan is streaming online on Disney+ Hotstar and Prime Video.

Orphan Plot

A married couple with a rocky past adopt 9-year old, Esther to fill the void created by a recently-stillborn baby. However, Esther is not quite who she seems.

Box Office

Budget : $20 mn
Box Office : $76.7 mn

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User Review
  • 3.5/5
By Soumyajit Sinha

A horror movie that involves a perfect blend of complex issues faced by adults and children (not to precocious). The over-rated advertisement of Esther’s dual faced role (as seen in the poster) and Vera F-Factor giving a sense of intense horror among the viewers makes the movie much more exciting and quite unpredictable. The actress who plays Esther shows a skill in performance. The movie has its own moments and often can end up sending shivers down your spine and giving you Goosebumps. The appreciable direction of Jaume Collet-Serra and one of the Dark Castle's best films, it can considered as an intelligent portrayal of horror/suspense genre.

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