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William Thacker is a London bookstore owner whose humdrum existence is thrown into romantic turmoil when famous American actress Anna Scott appears in his shop. A chance encounter over spilled orange juice leads to a kiss that blossoms into a full-blown affair. As the average bloke and glamorous movie star draw closer and closer together, they struggle to reconcile their radically different lifestyles in the name of love.

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Budget : $42 mn
Box Office : $364 mn

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By Madhurima Mukhopadhyay

What happens when a petty book-store owner spills coffee over a famous Hollywood star's dress? A tiff? Neh! A love-story! Such unexpected is the plot development in the film. It is realistic,not over-the-top as we can expect from a rom-com! It is beautiful,and touching. How to people,from different backgrounds with different lifestyle can come close-it is their respective loneliness that draws them towards each other. Anna Scott(Roberts) is ethereal and far from the reach of common men. Yet she develops a liking for the good-looking and honest Will Thacker(Grant). She steps out of her zone and socializes with his eccentric yet,good at heart group of friends and his sister. The simple being...

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