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No. 6 2011

Series Ended (2011 - 2011)

No. 6 Plot

In the near future, most of mankind now lives in a handful of city states. There, for the privileged elite, life should be perfect. But for young Sion, life has become a nightmare since letting a strange boy spend the night in his apartment. Banished to the outskirts of the city, Sion now finds himself in worse danger as his inquiry into a new series of mysterious deaths results in his being arrested on suspicion of murder! Now, on the run, the two young men have only one chance at survival.

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Latest Episodes - No. 6
  • 11. Tell Me the Truth
    16 Sep '11
  • 10. That Lies in the Abyss
    09 Sep '11
  • 9. Stage for Disaster
    02 Sep '11
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