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Never Have I Ever is streaming online on Netflix.

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After a traumatic year, all an Indian-American teen wants is to go from pariah to popular -- but friends, family and feeling won't make it easy on her.

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From Mindy Kaling, comes this steamy teen romance with a desi tadka. Here is the trailer of Never Have I Ever #trailer
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  • 10. ...lived the dream
    12 Aug '22
  • 9. …had an Indian boyfriend
    12 Aug '22
  • 8. ...hooked up with my boyfriend
    12 Aug '22
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  • 4/5
By JVan

This is what you can call a heartfelt teen RomCom. The episodes focuses on Devi who's ethinicity is Indian but has lived in California ever since she can recall. After her fathers death, her legs become paralyzed due to the trauma. Months later she's seen getting back to her normal physical self, with her legs working, her best friends who she fails being a good friend to, her mother always on her back,her perfect cousin and her boy crush, Devi struggles to confront the ghosts of her past and move on in life.

I honestly loved the fact that there is finally a show out there that brings out Indian culture and doesn't just portray an Indian playing a role of a taxi driver or just a confused...

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