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Naa Alludu 2005

a.k.a Naa Alludu

Naa Alludu Director : Vara Mullapoodi

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Naa Alludu is streaming online on ZEE5 and Sun NXT.

Naa Alludu Plot

Karthik (NTR Jr) is a well-qualified (MBA, no less) goes for an interview with Bhanumathi Industries. But the eponymous owner (Ramya Krishnan) slights him. So what does he do? He vows revenge and that he will marry one of her two daughters (Shriya and Genelia). But what does she do? She hires Saravanan (NTR Jr again) as her security. Little does she realize that Karthik and Saravanan are the same individuals. The two daughters are also after him thinking that they are separate entities. Bhanumathi also has a brother and his son in her household. No prizes for guessing that they are scheming types and are after her wealth only. Again no prizes for guessing, that Karthik is actually the son of Bhanumathi's long deceased brother. In the end, the MIL is tamed, both the daughters are won, the hero is happy at having fulfilled his vow.

Box Office

Budget : 3 mn

Naa Alludu Cast

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