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Series Ended (2005 - 2005)

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Maeng Soon-yi has sacrificed everything in her life for the sake of others. She missed out on her youth because she was too busy taking care of her father, who started drinking heavily after her mother abandoned them when Soon-yi was 10 years old. Soon-yi gave up on her own education so that she could earn the money to pay for her younger siblings' tuition. Soon-yi's younger sister Young-yi, is now a successful career woman. She is having an affair with a married man, Lee Jung-do. Jung-do was Young-yi's first love, but he broke up with her for the sake of his career. While younger brother Chul-soo has settled down in the United States where he's earning his doctorate degree, completely ignoring his responsibilities at home. Soon-yi perseveres despite the constant hardships that life throws at her. Until one day, she is jolted when Ban Sung-moon , her husband with whom she has two daughters, tells her that he has fallen in love with another woman and demands a divorce. Worse, she is diagnosed...

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  • 24. Episode 24
    10 Nov '05
  • 23. Episode 23
    09 Nov '05
  • 22. Episode 22
    03 Nov '05
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