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Blonde Betty Elms has only just arrived in Hollywood to become a movie star when she meets an enigmatic brunette with amnesia. Meanwhile, as the two set off to solve the second woman's identity, filmmaker Adam Kesher runs into ominous trouble while casting his latest project.

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By Isha Chakraborty
[contains spoilers]
A twisted tale of love in the heart of Hollywood

Hollywood of all it's glitz and glamour, holds something dark and sinister within it as well.

The movie is directed by David Lynch and gives off a heart pounding, edge of the seat vibe throughout the movie.

The movie revolves around an actress trying to make it big in Hollywood, but like every other industry succumbs to its glamour and fails to notice it's self absorbing side. The film has lots of different interpretation to it, something which is common to all David Lynch movies. It has all the elements that makes the movie a twisted dark fantasy.

The background music is particularly important as without it the special scenes are useless.

Naomi Watts plays a dual character in...

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